Tricky Teleportation

As Metal Jaw continued walking he felt like something was sucking him up, before he knew it there was a flash of light and he found himself in an old junkyard lab. He smelled the air and snarled, "MAYHEM!" The res head began laughing, "Well Hello Metal Jaw, how's it going?" He was answered with the large reptilian firing at him with his mechanical arm. Mayhem laughed as he took in the bullets, when The Jester drove up into Mayhem's lair, he was greeted with the large reptile throwing a laughing Mayhem around. Da Vine was greeted with the same image.
Metal Jaw slammed him down and stepped on him. He looked over at the other villains who arrived, he glared at Jester, "Why the hell are you here, Jessster?" Mayhem however slipped out from his feet, "I invited him over, Jester my Boy!" He jumped from the balcony he was at and landed right on the floor with a splat. He laid their for a solid minute before getting up with a bow, "I'm so glad you came. Both of you." He bow before Da Vine, Metal Jaw snorted, "Who the hell is she? She doesn't smell of meat, more of.....plant life." Mayhem grinned at Metal Jaw, "Oh of course, you haven't been introduced yet. Jester, the big reptile up their is Metal Jaw, this lady right here is Da Vine. Metal Jaw, this is Jester and Da Vine, Da V-"
Metal Jaw roared, "SHUT THE HELL UP YOU TALKING CHIMPANZEE!" He angrily slammed on the railing of the balcony, smashing it. Mayhem giggled, "He had anger issues."

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