Introduction interruption

A loud tap of a cane, "What a show!" and a flourished toss and catch. "Oh do go on. Ol' Scratch could really use a Jester." he said leaning over the railing slightly. "Let's see some blood?" he asked but it clearly wasn't a question as he held up his thumb sideways, like an emperor watching gladiators. Mouth curling into a shark grin.

Metal Jaw angrily slammed on the railing of the balcony, smashing it. Mayhem giggled, "He had anger issues."

"That's the spirit. Now say 'are you not entertained' you know you want to."

Metal Jaw snarled again crouching to charge The Showman for a death roll, but The Showman held his cane out, and his eyes flashed gold, only for a moment. Metal Jaw backing away in panic, head whipping side to side as if he were being surrounded.

"Now where were we? Right yes a meeting of 'minds'."

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