Before Mayhem could say anything, Metal Jaw broke from his fear and snapped at the laughing, it was annoying. He jumped down and glared down at a Jester thug. He grabbed him by the throat and tossed him into his mouth, biting him in half.

Jester made a gross face as Metal Jaw ate one of his goons. Granted he had no love for his brainwashed thugs but watching metal Jaw eat a living person was plain gross. The other clown thugs seemed rattled and stepped back from metal Jaw.

Jester: Did you just eat my thing?

Da Vine: Better him than my babies.

Jester: Please......I hope you get constipated.

Metal jaw simply ignored the Jester.

"Thankssss Mayhem, you brought udss here for nothing." Mayhem sighed, "I thought you wanted to be cured." The reptile sneered, "Why should I be a mammal agian?" He continued to eat the thug. Mayhem clapped his hands, "Of course, allow me to give you an answer for calling all of you in. You see, ROX, ARC, and the Guardians have all been a huge pain in our asses, right? Well they all have one thing in common, they are a group."
Metal Jaw perked up, "Go on."
Mayhem smiled, "Now I don't care who leads us, but I was thinking of making our own group! Show those pricks what's good for! Come on guys, and lady, if we worked together, we could kick those would be heroes in the gonads." He smiled, "Plus we got the Showman, I always loved his shows!" He waved at The Showman, Metal Jaw got up after wiping his face. "He can't be serious?" He looked at Da Vine.

Jester: Hard to say..........Mayham is both brilliant and crazy.

Da Vine: He actually expects us to work together like one big happy famly?

Jester: More like a dysfunctional family.

Da Vine: I can't believe I am saying this but the Jester is right.

Jester: Wouldn't be the first time.

Da Vine: And how pray tell are we going to work together when your brute has no problem eating his future allies? Not to mention you and Jester kill your own men all the time. Then we have a demonic game show host who gets canceled a lot by ROX and ARC.

Jester: Wow she does have a point. We are not a good mix by any standard, however do keep in mind he has a point in that we are outnumbered. Though I am not to keen on working with you lot, it does have its merits. So who do you plan to lead this motley crew of misfits?


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