Bank and thereabouts

Leaping from a small 5 story building Midnight Sun free falling slowly. "By the eclipse I command you stop." she says letting arrows fly at Sindy. Peppering her with arrows that the moment they hit vanishes in small flashes like a camera going off. "Evil doers beware the purify light of my bow." she pulls back her bow for a longer moment that amounted more to a lance than an arrow.

Midnight doing her best to hold off this demon though the arrows seemed to do little more than annoy her, and at best do small damage.


Inside Johnathan's get away car the passage side window explodes inward but before the glass can hit him it seems to vanish in a black dust, and sitting in the seat a blood soaked Ryker. "Oh my god man. You missed it, what happened to you? You were the one saying we needed to stop a bank robbery."

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