Hit & Run

Hellraider and BL continued their fight, Jonathan usually being flung around, and BL getting annoyed with not being able to kill the brat. However Jonathan saw her, his worst nightmare. "FUCKING RUN!" He screamed before bolting down the street, BL smirked, "What's wrong, you realize you can't b-" the hero was kicked into a wall by the red skinned succubus, "Jonathan~" Her sweet voice was a nightmare for him, "Come on this is the fourth time this week! It's only Monday!" He looked over at the small group, "Run for your lives! Or she is gonna kill you." He jumped into a vehicle and broke into it, them empowering it with demonic energy, sped away. To his horror, she was gaining on him.

Blue Lantern failed to see Sindy hit him from behind and because of that he was send hurling like a meteor through three buildings head fists. Luckily his power ring provided enough blue energy to shield the majority of the multiple impacts he was forced to endure. When he finally stopped he was aching all over as he stirred himself awake. His head was throbbing and bleeding a bit. When he saw the blood on his hand he sighed as he knew he would need to figure out a cover story to keep from looking like a chump.

He enhanced his body with his power ring's blue energy and emerged from a large pile of bricks. He was definitely gonna feel bad tomorrow and would prolly have to ask for some recovery meds from his boss. He then popped a few bones and winced a bit as he was in pain. He turned to look to see where he was and saw the series of holes in the buildings he went through. It it wasn't for his ring he would have killed by that hit. Whatever hit him managed to severely weaken his energy shield. This greatly concerned him and he would need to report to the rest of ARC to let them know there is a dangerous threat on the streets.

So he powered up and blasted off to ARC headquarters to report in and get medical attention. As he was getting medical aid his boss came in and began taking his report as he was on the hospital bed. Granted many of the details were missing but his boss took the situation very seriously. So she ordered her team to investigate all the nearby cameras in hopes of getting a picture of the attacker.


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