Hotwire just shook her head, letting go of Char’s hand. These burly assed guys thought that they were doing the community a favor, when all they were doing was causing the people’s taxes to go up from all the destruction.

Spitfire: What happened? Did I do that? Oh my God! Please tell me I didn’t blow holes through the building! Why would I attack The Blue Lantern, though? He’s a good guy! Ari! Please tell me I didn’t do that!

Hotwire: Char! You didn’t do it! Okay! The burn mark, yeh! But you didn’t Little Boy Blue.

Spitfire: Why do you refer to him as little? He’s big! He’s huge! He’s my kind of guy! Ari! Do you think Blue Lantern would go for someone like me? Do you think he’d let me on his team? Do you think he’d like me?

Hotwire (rolling her eyes): Most guys that are that huge, acting that way, are usually overcompensating for something smaller, Char. Think! He’s twice your age! You need some young blood, not some old ass pseudo-hero with ED.

Spitfire: He’s just had a string of bad luck. It seems more and more there are bad guys out there willing to bring him down. He just needs someone by his side to give him the support he needs. Someone like me! (When Charity said this, she momentarily lit herself afire, then doused it) A hot redhead, pulsating with energy, that will never stop giving him the support he needs!

Hotwire: Like a wheelchair? He’ll need one after that last blow. (She shook her head once more, looking at the destruction). Let’s head home, Char, before trouble finds us.

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