Flame Thrower

Unknown to vigilante he didnt get them all two guys are walking up behind him with knives pulled out.

Spitfire’s eyes widened, seeing the threat. Balls of fire formed in her hands as she pulled them back.

She shouted, “Duck!” as her arms came forward, launching the flames, which engulfed the criminals. Their bodies were turned to ash and cinder.

“Oopsie! A little too much heat!” Spitfire admitted, as she turned off the flames. “But they should have just given up! They knew they couldn’t stand a chance against you and me! We make a good team, don’t you think? Together, we stomped out the crime. We could be as good as any of them out there! What do you think? You and me! As a team!”

Charity was well endowed. Her girls tended to bounce with her as she talked in her normal hyperactive way when she was excited. At the moment, that was what was happening as the adrenaline was freely flowing within her. She and this man had just stopped a bank robbery!

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