A New Partner!

She looks at the cigar it has a weird metal pin attached to it. A black mask with a orange skull. "If you need me squeeze the pin, if I'm in trouble the pin will beep."

Charity looked at the device, absorbing the thought he wants me to squeeze his cigar, which caused her to blush. “Thank you! Oh, thank you!” she said, but just like that the man was gone.

Hearing the sirens outside, Charity stuffed the device into her pocket, thinking what else she could do with a device shaped like this. The thought wasn’t lady like. She blushed again just before transforming and flying off, just in time before the police entered.

The police saw two would be criminals shot up. Two were sliced up. What appeared to be two more were piles of ash. They shook their heads, wondering who was more dangerous, the criminals or the heroes. The last thing they noticed was that it would take more than a combination to get into the safe.

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