The Next Morning

Ariana woke up the next morning refreshed. She returned to the apartment late last night. Not liking the fact that she had touched so many men, she showered, then turned in for the night.

Ariana hadn’t had the chance to ensure that Char had returned. She knew that she was irritated. Most of the time, Char, who was a hothead, matching her hair, needed some time to herself to cool off.

Ariana checked on her in Char’s room. She was still asleep. However, Ariana spotted an item she hadn’t seen before on the nightstand next to Char’s bed. Taking it for something else, Ariana grinned. She picked up the cigar, taking the button on the end as the power button. Ariana pushed it, but there was no vibration. The eyes on a skull lit up.

“What’s this?” Ari asked Char, then tapped her upon the shoulder.

Charity began to wipe the sleep from her eyes, looking up from beneath her sheets. Seeing the cigar in Ari’s hands, Charity’s mouth fell agape and her eyes widened.

“You didn’t push the button did you?” she inquired from her roommate.

“Yes,” Ariana admitted, “I did. What is it?”

“Oh shit!” Charity exclaimed, jumping from bed and pulling on a pair of tight jeans. “We’re going to get company. You better freshen up!”

“What do you mean?” Ariana asked. “Who’s coming?”

“Well,” Charity admitted, “I don’t know his name. He’s a good guy, helped me stop a bank robbery last night. That button is his calling card. He’s a mysterious man, but he’s a good guy. A shoot-Em-up, slice-Em-up kind of guy! But, a good guy! He’s welcomed me as a teammate. I bet he’d welcome you too! What do you think, Ari? You ready to do some good? You’d be a good member of a good team!”

“You say a man?” Ariana grimaced, not trusting a man as far as his erection. She shook her head. “Char, you know how I feel about men. They’re no good. Besides, look at this. He represents himself by a skull with glowing eyes.”

“He’s a good man,” Charity insisted. “He stopped a bank robbery last night. Just check the news. You’ll find two were killed by gunshots, two were sliced and diced, and two became charcoal.” Charity smiled. “That was my contribution. He gave me this to call him when I needed him. He can also communicate with me. So, that’s why I say we’re getting company. You might want to get dress more appropriately.”

Ariana tossed the cigar to Charity. She quickly paced to her room to get dressed, shaking her head and wondering what Charity had gotten herself into now.

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