False alarm

Marcus is on his way to work when a beeping starts comimg from his watch. "Cripes already", $He mutters under his breath. "Gotta make this fast." He pulls the car into a blind alley amd grabs his gear from the trunk amd puts his stuff on quickly he jumps in the car and screams out the alley like a bat out of hell. "DAMN gonna be late for work old man McGregor is gonna have my ass."he says after checking his watch. He follows the gps signal which beeps faster the closer you get. when he gets to the building he pull his gas powered grappler gun and fires is at a wall close to the window where the gps signal is coming from.

He hangs out of the window and sees two girls talking. The one he recognizes as the fire lady is trying to throw on some jeans. "Nice," he says to himself. He knock on the window which is locked. "Hey a little help out here he says. He lights a cigarand looks at his watch. Well I'm officially late for work."

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