He hangs out of the window and sees two girls talking. The one he recognizes as the fire lady is trying to throw on some jeans. "Nice," he says to himself. He knock on the window which is locked. "Hey a little help out here he says.”

Hearing the tap on the window, Charity straightened up, after almost tripping on her pants leg. She quickly buttoned the jeans, immediately becoming her bouncing self, causing her unrestrained bosoms to hop along underneath her night shirt.

“There’s my handsome hero!” Charity exclaimed, unlocking the window and opening it up. “How are you this morning, handsome? Did you hear any news of our escapades last night? I knew I could rely on you getting here fast! You must have been in the neighborhood. Where were you going so early this morning?”

He lights a cigar and looks at his watch. “Well I'm officially late for work."

Charity frowned realizing it was the cigar that called him away from his way to work. Ariana entered wearing a black leather outfit and boots.

“It was my fault,” Ari explained. “I pushed the button. I didn’t vibrate like it was supposed to. It only had those eyes light up.”

“This is my roomie,” Char interjected. “Ariana Angelos,, we didn’t get to know each other’s names. I’m Charity Chandler. You saw me as Spitfire last night. Ariana,” Charity recognized Ari’s brows to getting wrinkled, showing concern, “well she’s my roomie.”

“I’m sorry I made you late for work,” Ariana sincerely stated, holding out her hand for a handshake, disguising that she really wanted to make a connection with his brain. Just as Marcus was about to take her hand, Charity realized Ariana’s motive.

Charity got between their hands, so a connection couldn’t be made. Facing Marcus, Charity looked up, seeing the blue eyes. She thought they looked kind, soothing, despite all the violence last night.

“Ari can work things out with your boss,” Charity explained. “She can fix it. Your boss won’t know you are late. Can’t you Ari? You’ll take care of my handsome hero, won’t you? After all, it’s your fault he’s late!” As she spoke, things bounced.

Ariana winced, not wanting this man to know anything about her, much less her abilities. Charity was her roommate, but sometimes she said too much. However, he was late and it was Ariana’s fault. She was only going to tease Char about having a pleasure device. Next time, she’d take a closer look at the device before pushing any buttons.

“Yeah, okay,” Ariana admitted. “If you give me a ride to your work, I can fix it.”

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