The Sounds of Silence

The vigilante takes a few puffs on his cigar. "Hey "these things happen." He says. There was a quick akward pause. "I watched the news last night the cops think a mask did all theose suspects, but they werent sure which ones." "Arianna was it it is nice to meet you" He says as he shakes her hand. He explains how the device works a little better since he doesn't have the screaming sound of sirens coming in forom all directions. After he is done he walks over to the window opens it and says "well ladies I gotta jet." He hooks his wire to his belt. "Don't worry about my boss he's a jerk but he wouldnt dare fire me.'" he tells them as he lowers himself down. Suddenly a rpg rocket flies towards him


The rocket explodes and sends the Vigilante through the apartment wall three floors below them.

The guys across the way are all laughing amd high fiving eachother. "Bye Bye hero he says" they are in the same kind of clothes from the bank heist guys.


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