Oh No You Don’t


The rocket explodes and sends the Vigilante through the apartment wall three floors below them.

The guys across the way are all laughing amd high fiving eachother. "Bye Bye hero he says" they are in the same kind of clothes from the bank heist guys.

Charity shouted out, red-faced, “You don’t do that to my handsome hero!” Turning to Ari, she ordered, “Ari, go see how he is!”

Instantly, Char fired up and flew out the window. She sent fire at the guy holding the RPG, incinerating him and causing the parts of the RPG to meld together, making it useless. She turned and began sending flames toward the other culprits.

Ari, stood dumbfounded at this take charge moment coming from Char. This was so unlike her. Usually, Charity would still be bouncing and gabbing. Of course, her temper was as hot as her red hair. Shaking the moment away, Ariana acted. She ran out the apartment door, bypassed waiting for the elevator, and ran down three flights of steps.

There, she saw a whole apartment opened up into the hallway. In the hallway, amidst a pole of rubble, she saw Marcus. She still didn’t know anything about him, not even his name, but this man mattered to her friend.

Kneeling next to Marcus, she asked, “Are you alright? What can I do to help?”

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