Shake it off big guy

The vigilante begins to come to his head is pounding and his ears ringing he see the fire ladies friend and a gutted out apartment. Wait what did she say he could see her talking but he can't make out what she is saying "Woah he says did somebody get the license number on that bus

Arianna was confused how could a guy take blast like that. "How did you survive that," she asks. "WHAT DID YOU SAY." the vigilante asks. Arianna searches around the destroyed apartment real quick and finds a half burnt pencil and some paper.
She writes down, "how did you survive the explosion." " THE SUIT IS MADE OF PLATES OF KEVLAR I'M PRETTY BANGED UP BUT I'LL BE OK. he says. "WHERE IS YOUR FRIEND." oblivious he can't tell he was shouting at her.


Ooc - no oklahoma. Rifle season started saturday morning and ends Dec 6th.

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