Cleaning Up

" THE SUIT IS MADE OF PLATES OF KEVLAR I'M PRETTY BANGED UP BUT I'LL BE OK. he says. "WHERE IS YOUR FRIEND." oblivious he can't tell he was shouting at her.

Ariana tossed the paper, realizing it would take forever to communicate that way. She quickly grabbed Marcus’ wrist, making a connection with the nerves located there and sent an instant message to his brain. Char flew out the wind in a blaze.

Letting go of his wrist, Ariana set to look for anyone in the obliterated apartment. It appeared no on was home, but she wanted to be sure no one was under the rubble.

Outside, Spitfire had just incinerated another bad guy. She began to spin, the flames becoming hotter and purer. Spitfire was about to take out all of them with a fatal blow, while they continued to harmlessly shoot at her.

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