Getting back into the fight

The Vigilante was kinda still kinda wobbly but he would live. He grabs his grappler launcher and fires it at a building across the way. "Come on old man you gotta get it together," he tells himself. As he is swinging across to the building he sees. Spitfire launching fireballs at the guys who took a shot at him. He pulls the shotgun off his back as helands on the ledge just below where spitfire is spinning and reflecting bullets back at the the bad guys. He cocks his shotgun. "Alright you a**holes have shot at me for the last time " he says. "You wanna play rougn ok lets play rough." "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND" He says doing his best Tony Montana impression. He pulls a flashbang off his belt loop and tosses it up and over onto the roof. BANG the flash blinds them and The vigilante pounces coming up over the roof edge shotgun cocked BOOM chik chik BOOM chik chik BOOM. he just dropped three more guys. "Then there was one," he says with a grin as he cocks the gun again any last words S**t for brains." "Yeah die." he says as he pulls a pistol. He cocks the hammer back and he suddenly bursts into flames.

"Sick burn Spitfire," he says as he picks up the guys smoldering hand and uses it to light his cigar.

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