I am a Doctor, after all.

"Go after him, I'll deal with the Maddies," Solorkin said before punching one of them as it lunged at him.

"That's *Doctor* Mind-Blast," Anton corrected drolly before taking off after Mayhem.

As he did, a Maddy lunged at him too. He merely raised a hand as if casting a magic spell. Instantly, the monster's momentum dissapeared and it fell straight down, several feat short of its target.

Then, targeting the creature's brain stem, "Mind-Blast!"

And with that, he shifted the entire thing... just one inch to the left. It jerked violently, twitched for a moment, and went limp. Then he continued his pursuit.

This Mayhem character was fast. Several tomes faster than Anton, in fact. He'd nearly broken a leg once, trying to Mind-Blast himself in to running at super human speeds and wasn't in any hurry to try the experiment again. So instead, he focused on slowing his prey down. Reaching out with his mind, he locked onto Mayhem, cackling as he ran. Then he narrowed his mental crosshairs on just the madman's right foot. It really doesn't take much to trip someone up in a full on run. Just one little shove. One inch one way and then one inch another and...

Mayhem went sprawling to the pavement. Anton, admittedly a little winded caught up to him. God know, that freakshow was fast. He assumed attack stance number twelve and approached Mayhem as he drug himself, apparently quite amused from the ground.

"You face Doctor Mind-Blast, cretin. Against such a force, you cannot prevail. As a Doctor, I would highly recommend surrendering," he declared confidently.

But just to be on the safe side, he unholstered his pistola and pointed the business end at Mayhem.

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