Education Time

He settles, and finally he stops talking, giving the two convenient pockets of time to writ- I mean- utter a response. It seemed he wanted to know how these guys ticked. And an attentive listener might note that the man didn't seem all that fond of vigilantes, at least, not the ones currently prowling the streets looking for someone to beat up on.

Spitfire doused the flames, except her hands. Her red hair seemed still ablaze. Her cheeks still red from the anger within.

Meanwhile, Ariana had got into the service elevator and tore off the control panel, because she didn’t have a service key to operate it. However, with the panel off, she connected with the wires, taking the elevator to the roof. She exited behind the new stranger.

“Had you been here in the beginning,” Charity spat out, not knowing if the man was friend or foe, “you’d know we weren’t hunting. They attacked my hero friend. So, we retaliated and ended it. No one attacks my friends without feeling my fire.”

Ariana raised an eyebrow. This didn’t sound like Char. Either she was trying hard to impress someone or this superhero thing was becoming real for her.

“Ease up, Char,” Ariana calmly suggested. “Let the man state his case. Perhaps you have another to add to your team.”

Charity thought a few seconds, then turned to Marcus, “What do you think handsome? Do you think we should hear what he has to say? Maybe we could move up to bigger things. I mean, we did stop a bank robbery last night, but the gang looks much bigger than those we stopped. These guys seemed to be a part of their crew. It was the same outfits, unless Walmart was running a special on criminal outfits. So, if they’re the same crew, there must be a mastermind behind them. Perhaps we should go after the brains instead of the brawn.” All the while she spoke in such a bouncy way, her nightshirt seem to dance from inside as she spoke.

Now that’s the Char I know! Ari thought.

Silence hit. Everyone was waiting for a response.

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