Splitting Hairs

“He turned to Marcus, and though his helmet obscured his face, the tone of his voice said it all, "And no matter how much of a pipsqueak I may be, I'm not gonna let some entitled wanna-be superheroes run my country into the ground,"

Ariana looked at the cybernetic arm and wonder how much of the guy was robotic. It was definitely not the brain. There was too much emotion within his voice. However, she agreed with what he was saying. Much of it, she had said herself at one time or another. The damage these supers had done to the cities was hurting the common person more than helping. Taxes had to be raised to repair things destroyed by their audacious fights.

“He shares good logic, Char,” Ariana finally spoke. “You know my thoughts about Little Boy Blue and his group. All the damage they do costs millions. Who pays that money? The tax payer.”

Charity still held her hands afire. She looked to Marcus. “I’m with my handsome man here. He’s a hero! He does good. He handles things differently than Blue Lantern. But I think good is above all? You’re not suggesting attacking the heroes, are you? That’s in humane! They’re the ones that save people. They protect others. They’re as important as the flag is. An attack against them is an attack against the nation. Don’t you think handsome man?” Her question was to Marcus.

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