Other Heroes

He nods to Charity and takes another puff on his cigar. "You know why I decided to become a mask," he asks Yonnie. "Because of low life scum like this never learn. Sure they do time but the lesson of crime and punishment are lost on punks like them. The same sort that murdered my brother for a few lousy bucks." I'm not entitled son I'm pissed off at the system that just cycles these clowns in and out of the joint." The vigilante continues. "So I am out here serving up some old school justice."

"Just me and my two friends here" he nods to the very large hand cannons on his hips. "Oh I forgot slice and dice they always got my six." He says as he points to the two very large swords on his back.

"That seems to be the only thing. They understand is brute force and hot lead. He says as he puffs his cigar again.

"what do you go by anyways, he asks"


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