Listen and Think!

His last question hung in the air, open-ended, only to be punctuated by the clank of the door shutting closed. It wasn't forceful, but stern.

This is it, it said. For now, at least.

Ariana appeared deep in thought as he exited. He wasn’t like most. He didn’t seem to like heroes as much as she didn’t. All the bravado while destroying the city. How many innocent people have died in their destructive measures. Perhaps we should, she thought. She admired someone that could think for himself.

With the confrontation over, Charity hurried to Marcus’ side. “Oh my God! Are you okay? How are you still alive? I was so afraid you were killed! But you’re not! Your still standing! Right here before me!” Bounce, bounce went the inside of her nightshirt the more she spoke. “We’re a good team, you and me and Ari! Don’t you think? We knocked out the baddies! We’re remarkable! Where should we set up our headquarters? Our lair? What would you call it?”

All the chatter and bouncing broke Ari’s train of thought. “Wait a minute!” she protested. “I didn’t partake in any of this! I only checked to see if ...” she motioned with her hand, because she still didn’t know the guys name, “...what’s-his-name was alright. Did you listen to his response though, Char? He talked about his partners being his guns and blades. According to that, he doesn’t need or want you tagging along. He believes he’s a lone wolf.”

“That’s not so!” Char argued. “He gave me the locator to call him. He’s my hero man. You’re just jealous! Tell her, my hero! Tell her that’s not so! You came today, because you thought I was in a tight spot. You came, even though you should have been at work! You came for your partner! Tell her, my man!”

“Believe me,” Ari added with a snicker, “I’m not jealous. Far from it. You don’t even know his name. It’s like waking up with a hangover, not remembering the name of the person next to you.”

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