A Dream Realized

"I'll see you ladies around" he says. If you need me you know how to reach me, The vigilante opens the door and goes out to the hallway. Down the stairs and out the back door where his brothers car a 1965 Impala is waiting he jumps in and heads down the road.

Charity watched from atop the building as the classic car drove away, giving off a sigh. “He’s so handsome! What do you think Ari? We all make a good team, don’t we? We shut down the baddies! He said he’s glad he met us! Even though we made him late for work, he wasn’t mad! He may have worked alone before, but he doesn’t need to now! He has us!”

“Now wait a minute!” Ariana demanded. “I didn’t sign on to his team. I was just concerned about you, my friend and roommate. You may be ready to team up with this guy you barely know, but I’m not. You may want to change. We’re going to need to find a new apartment. I’m sure this one will be deemed structurally dangerous.”

“At least I have the cigar device,” Charity sighed. “He’ll know where to find me!”

Ariana rolled her eyes. “Yeh, good luck with that. Come on, let’s get ready to go apartment shopping.”

Charity felt she finally found her place. She sighed once more, before leaving the top of the building. Quietly, she prepared for her day.

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