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Summary: I ain't no damsel in distress

Chloe Mech

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Group: Civilians

Home Planet (Description)

She has lived at Wade Station, never left the station, her whole life. She doesn't know anything about who she is or where she's from - she was an orphan along with her little sister, raised by a kindly gent from Earth who had come to Wade Station to find his fortune.


A jackie of all trades; she can throw a mean punch, fix a lot of things mechanical, speaks dozens of languages, and can drink most men under the table.

She doesn't know anything beyond Wade Station and never learned to properly read or write. She only recognizes most words by memory, not structure.


A top mechanic at Wade Station.

Physical Appearance

Tall and fit, dark skinned and wavy dark hair.

Personality and interests

Chloe is friendly and used to being around gruff men. Her 'father' was very protective and a bear of a man who kept men in line around her. That's not to say she didn't sneak away and get to know a few privately, but she's picky in that regard.

Having grown up around men, she's no 'damsel in distress' and will take offense at being treated like one.


Her history is simple. She's worked alongside her dad her whole life. She didn't have dolls, she had gears and grease. Wade Station had mags and vids about the verse in general but she tended to be working, sleeping, or drinking too much to waste time with them. Life is hard for someone uneducated and a woman who doesn't fit into the norms for women.

When the man who raised her found her, she was five years old, holding her two year old sister in one arm and a wrench in the other, smacking anyone who got close. Her whole life has been caring for her little sister and working. Her sister is the opposite. Chloe made sure her sister, Grace, was safe, happy, well fed, and educated.

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Image of Chloe Mech
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