Spacestronauts in... The Pirates at Wade Station! Page 1|Part 2

The young cadet strolled into the gas station with confidence and went straight for the counter. Behind it a young lady stood organizing cigarette packs. Jim coughed. "Hey. I need a fill up on the first pump, and make it snappy. I gotta be outta here.”

The lady turned and Jim saw that she was gorgeous. She was a buxom blonde with a sultry voice. "That’ll be 60 credits. Can I help you with anything else sir?"

"Yeah. Why don't you share a smoke with me?" The clerk, who at first wasn't paying any attention to the customer, began to analyse the rugged man. And it didn't take long for her to realise who this guy was.

"Not many of you Spacestronauts around. Didn't you say you had to gotta be outta here?" She said, smiling.

If he wasn’t careful, Jim could get lost in those shining blue eyes, but he kept his composure enough to crack a one-liner. "I got the fastest ship in the sector. I'm never late... and I always come on time." He said with a wink. The girl, a little bit redder than before, took a pack off the counter. "My break’s coming up, I could use a smoke."

Much later Jim returned, smelling of smoke, and bearing a red smudge on his cheek. He looked to Bob and smiled. "She's all filled up and for half price too!” he said, unzipping his spacesuit.

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