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Summary: Have you read my book? No? No matter I have a copy here, I'll sign it for you too.

Leon Hale

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Group: Residents

Physical Appearance

Leon is short stocky and quite pudgy, his brown hair is always slicked back, and old poorly fitted suit has more pockets than most would concider reasonable. His walking can be more fittingly described as a waddeling.

Personality and interests

Leon has a flair for the dramatic, and sometimes has difficulties sepperating fact from fiction and has a wild imagination. He has yet to experience romance in a way other than from third hand sources, but is beyond insistant that it is his speciality.


Leon is a self-published author, wrighting exlusively what he claims are "Romance Novels" the factual accuracy of that claim however is questionable as few could endure the wrighting long enough to cofirm or deny said claim.
No one knows how he earn money, but he seems to have a lot of it.


Leon is the third son of a Duke from a "Distant Land" -as he calls it- and has travelled the land for a few years before deciding to stay in Belurian Manor, as it gives him inspiration. He was once banned for a week from the Manor due to "Annoying the Tombstones" as Phillip had put it at the time.

Likes and Dislikes

Leon is an incredibly vain man with a love for all earthly pleasures, although his love for food and cheap booze takes precident.
He dislikes poor manners, dirt, physical labour, talks of non-romantic literature (Historical Accounts being the worst offenders) and is deathly afraid of Lizards.

Favourite Sayings/Quotes

"This would make a marvelous sceene for my new book."

"Oh, you see, I'm a writer, a god one at that if I might be so bold."

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Image of Leon Hale
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