Image of Michael Striker

Summary: Creepy Masked Guy

Michael Striker

Gender: Male

Age: 20ish

Group: Residents

Physical Appearance

Michael wears a pale mask that covers his face and a dark hood to cover his hair. He wears dark clothing that shows no skin, either gloves, boots, etc.
With his physical appearance hidden, many have no idea what he looks like, the only clue they have his eyes, which can be seen through the holes of his mask. His eyes are a sickly yellow. He seems to have an athletic build and stands at a height of 6'11.

Personality and interests

Michael is an odd man, showing little or no respect to people of rich or higher rank in social orders, and being extremely friendly with wildlife. He would rather speak with a stray cat then speak with a person. Animals are attracted to him, even some of the meanest of animals will show him affection. He doesn't speak a lot to certain people, however when he does speak it's cold and dry. He likes reading and studying things. Sometimes, if he is annoyed, he will insult someone's heritage.


He doesn't really have a job, unless being a strange man counts. He studies demonology, mythics, legends, and other oddities in books. Maybe a scholar, no is really knows.


Michael travels from town to town, studying things that might seem odd. A lot of people have no idea where he orginally came from or who is family is. Many believe that he isn't human and is actually a creature of another world, however this is unlikely. Some believe he has no real name and just made up Michael Striker. Whoever he is, he doesn't like people who are higher ranked in society.

Likes and Dislikes

He likes animals, oddies, mythical or strange things, and books about legends. He likes all animals, even insects.

He dislikes people of high ranking in society, people who think higher of themselves, and noisy people.

Favourite Sayings/Quotes

"I don't like people who don'tknow how to mind their own business. " -To Noisy People

"Go back home with your father's gold."-To Rich People

"Such a sweet being." -To any animal

This character is not owned by anyone. You can adopt them if you become a member of this game.

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Image of Michael Striker
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