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Summary: Please don't climb the bookshelves, they bite, physically and verbally

Lyssena D'Arten

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Group: Staff

Physical Appearance

Lyssena is short and slim, looks half starved at all times with hollow cheeks and pale skin. Her thin hair has not met a brush in manny moons, and the bags under her gray eyes seem to sugest that she hasen't sleept in the same time, yet her eyes always seem to be pried open.
She usually wears large baggy robes from her days as a cultist.

Personality and interests

Lyssena can only be described as jumpy, she is always nosedeep in a book or tome that frightens her of the world outside the library. She is shocked by meeting just about anyone in the maze of bookshelves that is the Library, and will often give vague warnings.


Cultist(Formerly), Librarian


Lyssena used to be a member fo the cult that was operating out of the town butchery, but after coming to the Manor for research for a few weeks, she was upset about the mess there, and cleaned up the place. She continued to do so for the past five years and somewhere along the way she began to livein the hotel and began getting paid.

Likes and Dislikes

Lyssena loves reading, books, and has an unhealthy obsession for obscure tomes of lore and occultism.
She hates books tht she regards as "fiction" and people who mistreat books, such as that pudgy little barrel of a man claiming to be a writer.
She also seems to dislike loud noises and has a fear of thunder, which is unfortunate due to the frequency of thunderstorms in the region.

Favourite Sayings/Quotes

"The books, they know, they hear and they tell in hused voices. Don't let them in, they want your brain."

"The mind is a fragile box, and manny tomes in these shelves might as well be hammers."

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Image of Lyssena D'Arten
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