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Summary: This must be the third--no fourth most exciting thing I have ever heard

Lady Grace Greenhills

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Gender: Female

Age: 32

Group: Residents

Physical Appearance

A tall, plump woman with rosy cheeks and a bright smile.

Personality and interests

Grace is a very enthusiastic woman, amused by almot everything. She is almost always smiling and loves chatting to everyone about everything. There is little mystery about her as she never shuts up.


Wife of Lord Greenhills of the Greenhills.


Born rich and married rich. Her husband is a graying man who has had enough of her endless babbling. Her life has not been very eventful, and yet she still always has a story to tell.

Likes and Dislikes

She likes just about anything that she can converse with. She's passionate about pretty much everything she tries (despite not being particularly good at it). Her disslikes are unknown.

Favourite Sayings/Quotes

"Simply brilliant!"
"Oh my!"

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Image of Lady Grace Greenhills
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