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Summary: This large brooding man would seem quite the interesting sort if he let you anywhere near him.

Malachi Necuratu

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Gender: male

Age: 48

Group: Residents

Physical Appearance

Malachi stands at 6'3" tall and looks to weigh around 225lbs. His brooding hazel eyes seem to gaze underneath a perpetually furrowed brow. He sports a neatly trimmed beard that frames his ambiguously-brown complexion. His face, if not in a constant scowl, may be considered ruggedly handsome: save for several large scars over the bridge of his nose that trace down his right cheekbone from a previous altercation.
His hair, once a raven black, is now graying from years of an experienced and 'well-lived' life with evident spotting around his chin and complimenting large streaks around his temples.

He generally wears a beige collared shirt with a plunging neckline, exposing a well muscled physique and an assortment of natural-material necklaces stacked overtop one another (bone beads, hemp-stringed, with earth-toned colors.) On his legs he wears pair of dark brown trousers that are caught within a pair of rugged black-leather boots. Over his broad frame he sports a dark brown leather-jacket that falls to his calves. Typically, Malachi has the sleeves of his jacket pulled up to his elbows exposing tattooed forearms of assorted shapes and meaning. Each wrist is wrapped with several random stacked bracelets. His tattooed hands are dry and scarred from years of brawls and weathering; typically holding a naturally wrapped cigar.

Personality and interests

This man has many layers. On the exterior he seems very hard-to-approach. He is a quiet, calculating, tactician who trusts no one off the cuff. He has seen WAY too much to give ANYONE the "benefit of the doubt." He feels that's a dead-man's phrase. Yet, once you get to the core of this man - you have a ferocious friend.

Malachi has zero-tolerance for nonsense and people who feel the need to make themselves the center of attention. While he will mind his own business - once that individual inserts themselves into his personal affairs the 'gloves come off.'

With his years of experience he has may interests:
*He is an intense reader - and a 'forever student.'
*Magic(s) intrigue him to the point of obsession.
*Inventing/Crafting is a passion - as well as Infusing mechanical with magic.
*In his years - brawling has become a favorite past time; as he has had years of having to defend himself.
*Natural tobaccos to smoke and drinking fine wines are an easy way to his heart
*Shooting in the form of his inventions and cross bows are a favorite past time.
*Fighting with bladed short-weapons such as knives and daggers as well as throwing them is a hobby.


Inventor although he works as an archeologist


As a child, Malachi was quite the loner and bookworm. This lead to years of torment under the Empire's schooling system by larger kids. This provoked him to double down on his education in his older years to further separate himself from his bullies. This way of thinking lead him to participate in the Empire's military which came at a vital time during the his life that essentially saved it. The military taught him about warfare, being a tactician, and physical conditioning. It was during those times when he fell into being an apprentice Artificer and Archeologist. When he finally aged out of the military he continued being commissioned by the Empire for his work.

During his thirties is when he became more of a free-lance worker, truly indulging himself around the world in mixed races and cultures. Attempting to cultivate some of the best magics and technologies in order to interweave them into tools to preserve humanity - and bring us together.

Likes and Dislikes

*Working with his hands - whether inventing or fixing
*Magics of all schools and implementing them to everyday tasks or infusing them into his inventions.
*Naturally-Leafed tobaccos to smoke
*Fine wines to drink
*Stiff alcohols to 'numb the pain'

*People disturbing his silence
*People 'aiding' him during a build.
*People who have a need to assert themselves through dominance or 'curiosity.'

Favourite Sayings/Quotes

"Would you kindly - PISS all-the-way the HELL off!"

"I'll say this once: you're in the way."


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