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Summary: Feisty, fun loving Librarian who will win you over with her smile and spark for adventure.

Ivy Rose Dupont

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Gender: Female

Age: 40ish

Group: Staff

Physical Appearance

Long curly dark hair with a sprinkle of silver at her temples. Stands at a height of 5'5". Ample curves and a smile that competes with her laugh. Light green eyes, the color of a crisp fall apple.

Personality and interests

She loves books they take her away to another world, and she gets to meet people that are very unique.

Ivy Rose sees the humor in the people and the world around her, though at times she can seem absentminded. She's not really she just is lost in the memory of the current book(s) that she has on the go.


A librarian that isn't so stuck on the quiet rule, often in the sacred aisles of the library you can hear her laughter, or exclamations of wonder and surprise when she reads something that tickles her fancy.


( can I write this up later?)

Likes and Dislikes

Loves to laugh
Loves books
Likes food
Likes people
Dislikes mean people
Dislikes when books are ruined

Favourite Sayings/Quotes

"Books are the cheapest and easiest way to travel to different worlds. You can get lost in them too!"

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