This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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This is a very low-magic dark fantasy setting reminiscant of the early medeival ages with flavours of horror, mystery and comedy.

Feel free to improvise and adapt the setting as the manor and everytning within it chages, add or remove weirdness and strange occurances as you see fit, but keep your fingers away from characters you do not own.

Belurian Manor is a massive building, more reminiscent of a palace than a mansion, and is effectively a maze for people who don't know their way around.
The Manor is strange in many ways, most notably, in that it sems to look different every time one looks at it; some days it is balanced precariously on a rocky cliff overlooking the town of Belurian below, others it is on flat ground, sorrounded by pines on all sides, and a few towers and rofs richer. Despite this, it is always exactly an hour's walk away from town, and always visible from the churches belltower.

Belurian Manor:

- Dining Hall: A lavish hall, with more than enough room for half the town to
dine in. most residents can be found here in the early and late hours of the day.
A score of tables and chairs fill the room, and a grand mural of a peaceful river
sceene claims the cieling.
- Library: A Labyrinth of bookshelves holding a great many books, it is agreat
place to pass time or conduct research. The red carpeted floor and well kept
wood panneled walls give the room an erie silence, seemingly unbroken for a
long time.
- Greenhouse: Dispite the lack of sunlight, the greenhouse is amongst the only
bright places in the greater region. The size of this greenhouse seems
inprobable when put into proportion to the rest of the house, as a myriad of
plants and a small forest's worth of trees can be found here. An old ruined
tower marks the centre of the large glass dome and acts as a beacon of curiosity
to new residents.
- Entry Hall: The entrance to the manor is a large room, which houses the
reception, a host of statues, paintings and armour stands, creating a impressive
atmosphere. Two flights of stairs lead to the second level, which begins the
maze of corridors that makes up a bulk of the Manor. The Dining Hall and
Library are Adjacent to this room, but can be accessed by wandering the
hallways long enough without a pourpose in mind.
- Cemetery: In the gardens sorounding the Manor, there is a rusty cast-iron fence
circeling a cemetery with an abundance of tombstones and the odd empty
grave. The staff urges residents to complete their business here before the fall
of night.
- The Pond: Behind the manor on most days, the pond appears a lot deeper or
shallower than it is in actuality. A small grassy island in the centre of the pond
is home to a small stone building which looks as though it was meant to be
placed in the cemetery.

Belurain Township: a small town indistinguishable from most other towns of it's size. It has all the expected locations: a small market place, a church to an unknown god, a trading post and a mayor of questionable morals.

Job openigs in the manor:
- Waiter:
- Cleaner:
- Cook/Kitchen Staff:
- Administrative Clerk:
- Librarian:
- Bellhop:

Game Rules:
1: Don't be a dick.
2: Follow rule 1.
3: tbd