Anything you say

"Humbly, sir," Connor said with a small bow and headed toward his room. "I was asked by the Baron of Zularia to see to a venture which had failed to report or send evidence of success of it's quarry. He'd sent a cadre of a dozen or so men, who would then acquire the necessary supplies and laborers, to explore a particular region of Botowata Jungles. I'm sure a learned man like yourself, and one so well traveled, has heard the stories of the Baron and his proclivities... "

"So off I went, to Botowata, up the Yarfun River and into a land few had ever seen. Sadly, I was captured by a rival expedition and waylaid. The weeks I spent in hospital were spent reading your book, several times in fact."

"Ah, but here is my room... be just a moment..."

And Connor slipped in. He surveyed the room and it appeared safe. He secured the trunk to the bed so no one could take it without cutting the chain or having his key. Then, he set his little trigger on the lock, a slap on the wrist to anyone who tried to move his trunk or check the lock.

He rejoined Hale in the hall.

"So as you can see, less of an adventure and more of a mis-adventure really. But please, you seem to know your way around here. Please, lead on, I'll see you satisfied by nothing less than the best they have to offer a man of your standing within the hour!"

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