A rush of adrenaline shot through Killian Syral as he pulled up his meat wagon in front of the Manor. He was advised multiple times to drive around the back to the servants entrance, but he simply couldn't keep away from the thrill that was standing in front of the old mansion and looking up its proud exterior. The strange whisper of the wind, the melancholy rain, the occasional, ominous howl in the distance … it was all so enticing.

He climbed off the front of his wagon and made his way inside in hopes he would be able to have a snoop around. Sometimes, later in the evening, when there wasn't anyone about the entrance hall, he would find himself being drawn further into the manor. He almost always got caught by Phillip, who would ask him to direct his business back to his deliveries and leave this part of the manor.

Today, unfortunately, he found Phillip already at the reception desk, welcoming guests. Killian stood still as a stature and waited for the room to clear before he approached the desk himself, knowing that Phillip had seen him. He cleared his throat, somewhat awkwardly as he towered over the seated man. "Delivery..." He said. "It's Monday."

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