Listen carefully

Ben's heart broke for her hearing the desperation in her voice. He stepped forward, slowly, carefully. "Listen carefully, miss," he began. "There are things better left alone and that little pond be one of them. I've lived a long life and seen many a thing that'd turn your hair whiter than snow at just hearing my tale of it. But that... that... well, I can't even give it a name or description, it's evil miss... pure evil. What I can tell you is that no matter what you think or how it acts, it ain't after you. Surely, it'll snarl and stare, get close enough and it may, no will bite," and he put a hand over a scar on his arm he'd never talk about to anyone. "But, miss, it ain't after you... it's after something in that house. Problem I've seen is, it can't seem to be outside it's little home there for very long, not comfortably anyway, so best just steer clear and let it be..."

His mind wandered to a time, a time very long ago, where and how he learned about that thing first hand and where he got that scar and why he was as strong as he was for as old as he looked. And why he'd seen more generations pass through the doors of that wretched house than he'd care to remember...

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