You're Right.

Margot's heart pounded at Ben's description of the pond and the intrigue that came with it. She was terrified of it, no doubt, and his story set off something alarming in her. Nonetheless, it still felt like something was pulling her towards it. She had to get closer to it, see what was inside no matter the danger.

"So you do know what is inside," she responded quietly, almost to herself. For a moment she was gone, stuck back in her own mind as the memory of her nightmare returned. Every minute spent thinking of it was a minute in which she got inevitably more drawn to that house... She hated it but she needed to know...

"That scar looks like it hurt quite a bit. I'm sorry you had to experience that." She was speaking absentmindedly, hardly even looking at the man. "You're right, I should steer clear of it. We all should." She planned to return that night.

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