Your name is Connor Maccauley... your name is Connor Maccauley...

He repeated the mantra several more times standing outside the manor. A deep breath. A smile on his face. He opened the doors and stepped inside.

He nodded cordially to the few people in the lobby, lounging about, going about their own lives. The reception clerk looked half asleep - which he was glad to see. He gave a slight cough to rouse his attention.

"Hello sir, my name is Connor Maccauley and I'd like a room. I'd like a room, for a month, which I'm prepared to pay for in advance to secure such lodgings. I prefer to not receive housekeeping services. If I need fresh towels or linens I'll request them and change my own bedding. And if possible, a room with a few of that little pond I saw from the front would be delightful..."

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