So you're all just going to leave me here with him?

All the men had left her alone with the not-so-old-anymore, unconscious man that was Ben on the ground. Now Margot stood baffled over him, unsure of what to do. She wasn't a doctor, what the hell were they thinking leaving her-- a mere useless gardener-- alone with someone in apparent need?

"Uhh... Sir?" She bent down to him and hesitated a moment before shaking his arm in an attempt to wake him. "Mr... Ben?" It was strange referring to him as Ben, as the only Ben she knew was the wrinkled old coach man. Was she the only one who had noticed?

"Uhmm..." She got back off of the ground and looked around. "Stay there, I'll fetch you some water." She was gone for three minutes. The kitchen had let her find it without any trouble this time. When she returned she offered him the cup, realized that he wouldn't take it as long as he was still out, and instead placed it next to him. She thought of going back to her chambers and leaving him to awake whenever the alcohol allowed it, but then she worried of what would happen if someone stepped on him by accident or if the contents of those paintings on the walls came to life... So she sat and waited instead.

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