W-what happened?

Ben came to groggily. His hangover was gone but his stupor was caused by the gross change his body had just gone through. He awoke to see Margot, sitting by him, deep concern but discomfort in her eyes. The pair had never really been friendly, Ben had kept to himself mostly and even over the last two years she'd been here they'd only spoken a handful of times.

She was a lovely, young woman and Ben was not the type to ever flirt with someone so much younger than he was. Now, everyone was much younger than he was, but it was the appearance of his age that used as the gauge. They had a cook five years ago, a wonderfully voluptuous woman in her late fifties who'd shared his bed a few times. They'd comforted each other on some especially hard days and cold night and then she left, being whisked away by a guest, taking a position in his household as his personal chef. She'd even asked him to come but it would be farther than Ben could go. A part of his soul was staked to the very grounds of this manor thanks to that creature in the pond.

Seeing Margot now stirred a feeling in him he'd never felt for her before.

"W-what happened?" he asked.

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