Michael continued to read, he continued humming the tune, it was lullaby, however one that no one has truly heard before. Michael stopped at a page about special ritual to heal someone. His humming came to an abrupt stop, his hand started shaking. He lightly touched his mysterious face, inhaling sharply. He put his hand down and quickly closed the book, he start singing softly to himself, "Hush little one, fear not, for mama will protect you, fear not little one, mama will protect you, she will never let the monsters hurt you, hush little one, mama will protect you...." His shaking came to a stop, he quickly put on his mask and put his book away. Looking at the key given to him he left into his after putting the book away. He quickly entered his room and slamming his door. He took off his mask and clothing, he noticed that the window curtain was open. He quickly walked over to close it, anyone looking at the window would have seen his pale body with strange markings on it, his hair covering his face, with his eyes peeking out of it. He closed the curtain and locked his door.
Turning off the light he tucked himself into bed, falling asleep.

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