A New Day

Dark could be used to describe Belurian manor at any time of day, but there is a certain dark that falls over Belurian Manor when most people are asleep. Sleep in the Manor is comfortable, rejuvinating, but eerie. One could be forgiven for thinking that the eyes grow walls once you close yours to rest, but the walls in the bedrooms are harmless.
When next life stirred in the halls of Belurian Manor, it was day already.
Anyone to cross the entry hall to the reception will find it decorated with colourful cloth, and a large banner displaying the name of the occasion. The "Festival of Roses" was a time honoured tradition in both the manor and town below, celebrating the coming of spring and the bluming of the flowers.
Every meal on this morning will be served with a red rose and a cheesy poem about flowers, or sunshine, it's hard to tell, the metaphors are far fetched and dont rhyme.

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