A New Reader

Leon watched the new arrival intently, falling just short of staring, and nodded with a polite smile when eye contact was made for a brief moment. Placing his cup of tea onto the table beside him, Leon reached into his pocket, pulling out a freshly transcibed copy of his new novel - High Tides, Higher Tempers - and began to approach the reception desk. His usual waddle producing a gentle tapping noise as Phillip was welcoming the new guest.

"And here is your room key, you will have room 19, on the second floor. Just up the stairs, and a minute or so through the corridors and you should be there." Said Phillip with a tired smile, before holding up a weathered wooden sign, marked with ten pointed star.
"If you do not wish for anyone to enter the room, please place this on the door handle and our staff will be sure not to disturb you or your privacy."
Phillip's eyes lost a certain light as he looked past Mr. Maccauley, at the pudgy figure rapidly approaching with a copy of that dreadful book of his.

"Greetings and salutations, soon to be rivited reader. My name is Leon Hale, and I do say you look like an avid reader."
Leon holds a copy of his 'book' obnoxiously close to Maccauley's face, with blatant disregard as he continues.
"My novel, I even signed it."

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