Early Riser

Margot was still shaken from the encounter with Ben when she went to bed that night. To her surprise however, sleep came a lot quicker than usual and this night wasn't plagued with any of the terrible nightmares that she was used to. In fact, she had a rather nice dream about frolicking in a field of poppies.

She awoke earlier than usual the next morning as she had been tasked to provide the kitchen staff with roses upon roses for the day's event. The sun wasn't even in the sky yet when she started her work in the gardens.

To her delight but also her dismay, the roses grew close enough to the pond so she could peer at it while she cut the flowers. Unfortunately dividing her attention wasn't her forte and within a minute she managed to cut the palm of her hand. She didn't notice until she felt the warm blood run down her upper arm but she decided to finish the job before she'd attend to it.

Finally, with a basket full of red roses and a bloody right hand, she made her way back into the manor. When the low growl arose from the bushes behind her, she merely picked up the pace.

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