Asleep on the floor, in a place like this?

Phillip gave Lady Grace a room when he noticed her walk through the front doors. He had already seemed tired when she approached him and when she left he was close to passing out on the counter. The woman simply had to discuss her journey with him. She was practically bursting, trying to hold in all the wonderful sights she saw on her way.

"And the green fields, oh the green fields how could I have forgotten? You would not believe the beauty they hold until you lay eyes on them for yourself!"

Phillip: "Ah... Yes... I see... mhm...mmm." And so on went their exchange.

Now Margot was strolling along the halls looking left and right at all the paintings of which each pair of eyes seemed to follow her. She believed that she'd nearly reached her room, when she spotted a man, sitting in front of one of the doors with his head against the red... no green wall behind him. He appeared asleep.

"Good morning, sir!" She cheered hoping he'd awaken. "That cannot possibly be a comfortable place for you to be sleeping. Do you not have a room, sir?"

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