Perhaps it wasn't just imagined

The kitchen staff complained about all the blood that Margot had been allowing to drip over the roses. One older woman muttered something about the ignorance of young women while helping wrap Margot's palm in a fresh bandage. Everything happening around her however, was a blur and she hardly heard the cackling maids over the sound of the growl still loud in her head. She wanted to know where it had come from, but somewhere within her, she already knew exactly what is was.

The idea was hard to dismiss as she made her way back outside into the gardens. It was raining again but she had left her hat in the kitchens. So she stood there, her hair getting drenched in the pouring rain, glaring at the stone house on top of that grass island in the pond. She didn't know how long she stood there for, and if the movement she saw through the black doorway was only imagined, but eventually she turned around and started heading towards the stables, hoping to find the coachman. On her way she bumped into the large man that she'd seen at the library the day before. Was he following her?

Too preoccupied to muster an apology, she started running, afraid now of what she had seen and heard. "Ben?!" She stepped into the barn, dripping wet from the rain. "That creature from the pond, the one you told me about. I-I think it was that creature from the pond that bit you... I think I saw it."

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