Connor opened his eyes to see a delightful sight. A woman, of means, smiling and voluptuous, looking down at him.

"Good morning, sir!" She cheered hoping he'd awaken. "That cannot possibly be a comfortable place for you to be sleeping. Do you not have a room, sir?"

"M'lady," Connor replied, spritefully standing, bowing as gentlemanly as possible, "I do, but you grace me with your question and concern. You see, last evening I had a long dinner with a new friend who partook of a bit much and I was concerned with his welfare. I daren't leave him entirely alone in such a state, so I opted to rest here in case he awoke with some need."

Before she could reply, he was already baiting the hook. "And if I may be so bold, I must say it is an honor and a privilege to meet you, Lady Greenhills, stories of your kindness and presence," he said laying heavy emphasis on the last word, "hardly do you justice."

And he took her hand lightly, bowed again and kissed her hand delicately.

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