Fitting in

"Not THE Leon Hale? Acclaimed author of Peaks and Valleys?" Connor replied. "Sir, you have no idea what that book did for me...," he turned and nodded a thank you of sorts to the reception clerk, leaned down and took the handle of this rolling trunk and stood cautiously next to the round, little man, like he was a child seeing Santa in person.

"You see, for a time I was stationed on the Dark Continent, far away from all things familiar and those I loved and it was your book, Peaks and Valleys, that got me through some of my darkest days. I was engaged to be wed you see and if were not for the vivid and womanly imagery, that I'm sure most swine didn't catch was meant by the title - " and he looked around to be polite and made the gestures again, mouthing "Peaks and Valleys" and pointed to his own chest and groin. "The passion, the desire... while it may have driven some men mad with lust it was only that which carried me on, kept me steadfast, in yearning for the arms of the woman I'd left back home and not to seek out more local and carnal delights."

"Please, Mr. Hale, you must let me buy you a drink, a meal, a score of them if you'll let me, just to let me here how a man of your prowess does all you do..."

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