Let’s Kill It

Margot could do nothing but stare at the man with big eyes for a minute. It would have been hard to believe his story if she hadn’t spent every day in the manor for the past two years. At this point, nothing seemed unbelievable to her anymore. And although she was shocked by Ben’s sudden shift in appearance, it didn’t take her long to simply accept it and focus on the more pressing matter at hand.

“I can’t imagine what it must be like... seeing so many generations come and go and inevitably be lost in the manor— ”

The young gardener took a look outside through one of the stable windows to find the weather had only gotten worse. She wished she hadn’t left her hat.

“So the creature in my dream... the one I saw in the bushes last night... it’s bite did this to you?” She looked out again and before she could say anything else she got up, handed Ben the blanket and turned to the door. “Then we must kill it.” She said it with such confidence, not born from ignorance but from the burning curiosity that she still felt towards the entire ordeal. She wanted, for reasons she couldn’t explain, to get as close to that little stone house as possible.

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