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Lady Greenhills felt herself blushing slightly as Connor itched closer to take her luggage.

“Yes, you are correct! It is mr. Greenhills, my husband’s, favourite scent. How nice of you to notice.” She said this all while not making a move to dodge him coming ever so close to her. “The scent of orange is from our very own orange tree. We’ve ten of them. They are, as a matter of fact, my favourite fruit... Mr. Greenhills had them planted just for me when we were first wed.

“But let us not discuss the Greenhills that I left behind. Tell me about the manor. Where are all these paintings from?” She gestured to a collection of five framed paintings on the wall beside her. The first depicted a victorious man, standing beside a dead beast. In the following paintings the beast was shown opening it’s eyes, propping itself back up onto its large paws and finally swallowing the man whole in the last. “They are marvellous!”

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