It's downfall

Ben thought over her words a long while. She seemed a little stand-offish but that could have been the chill. He still found it hard not to stare at her. "The only idea I have is that it's downfall would likely need to come in a way similar or related to it's creation. It was only able to come here because of whatever deal was struck between someone from the house and the devil. Some part of that deal needs to be undone before I think that creature can be killed."

And now he was staring and now he didn't care. There was something he just had to know...

"Miss Margot... if you'll excuse me for asking such personal questions, being here so long and not being able to leave or be far from here for very long, what do you recall of your life before coming here? Who are your people, from where did they come?"

The more he looked at her the more he felt like he'd met her before.

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