Marvelous indeed

Connor was in his prime here.

"Marvelous indeed," he replied, lingering his statement a while until she turned and caught his gaze, seeing that he was looking at her and not the paintings. "It tells the story of Sir Ulric the Unlucky, if I'm not mistaken. While brave and strong, he lacked a depth of skills to be a true force to be reckoned with. The beast, if he'd of done his research or even asked the locals - as the story goes," Connor replied, ushering Grace down the hall past the paintings one after another and where he assumed her room would be - one of the nicest at the end of the hall.

"The Beast could only be slain by a weapon made of a particular metal and blessed by followers of a certain faith who would have dipped the blade in water would could only from a single source."

They were at her room now and she opened the door so he could carry the luggage in. He set them down and joined her near the doorway. He looked out, up and down the hall, and could tell they were very alone.

"For a man to be a real man, like any good knight who seeks real adventure, a true quest and to serve," emphasizing the last word, "he must consider all the needs, wants, barriers and desires in all things. He should be trained in all the arts, a renaissance man, who can provide everything to in any situation."

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